View Full Version : Slimserver/Squeezebox timing for long real-time streams

Steven L. White
2004-01-06, 14:25
I would like to stream real-time captured audio from the soundcard on
the SlimServer box to my Squeezebox. As a first cut, I created a new
format that calls an audio capture application whose data, delivered via
stdout, gets successfully streamed over to the Squeezebox. No problems
here (once I figured out every place to make changes to add the format,
that is).

My question: Does the SlimServer/Squeezebox have a clock-recovery
mechanism so that the soundcard data will neither underrun the
Squeezebox buffer nor overrun the Slimserver buffer due to slight timing
differences between the server and Squeezebox clocks?

Without a synchronization mechanism, I would expect a frequency
difference between the sound card capture and the Squeezebox play clocks
to cause a buffering problem and an audible glitch after some finite
length of time. This would never be a problem with serving from files,
but could also be an issue with Internet streams.