View Full Version : Misc. Suggestions

Erv Walter
2004-01-03, 20:21
Hi, all.

I just added a squeezebox to the existing slimp3 in my home and in the
processes upgraded to the latest nightlies. I have a couple suggestions if
people are bored :)

The new screensaver is an awesome addition. I'd love to see an additional
configuration option that would allow me to tweak how it works. The
behavior I'd like is for the screensaver to come on, only after 30 seconds
of no music. Currently, it comes up after 30 seconds of remote control
inactivity (as far as I can tell). What I'm looking for is for the display
to be on Now Playing whenever the device is playing and then shortly after
it stops have it revert back to the clock (I use the DateTime screensaver).

My second suggestion relates to the DateTime screensaver. A while back, the
server was enhanced to allow independent configuration of the display size
for between On-mode and Off-mode. In other words, you could have the
display be "Large" when turned off and "Small" when turned on. This was
nice for people that always wanted the clock to be big even though they
might not always want to have the UI large when navigating and playing. My
suggestion is to add the same thing to the DateTime screensaver. Currently
the size of the datatime screensaver is tied to the "on-mode" size. Making
the display size independently configureable for this screensaver would help
out those of us who always want a big clock but don't want a big UI when

Thanks for reading!