View Full Version : Slimp3 freezes on wireless network

2007-05-29, 01:59
I've finally managed to set up my Slimp3 on a wireless network using 2 Netgear ME102s as a wireless bridge. Sadly, just hours after getting it to work, the slimp3 has started to freeze whenever I play a song.

Does anyone have an idea when the problem might be?


2007-05-29, 02:41
> Does anyone have an idea when the problem might be?

Can you reproduce the problem with a wired connection? The SliMP3 has a
very small buffer, is therefore prone to freezes with unreliable network
connections. If it does play correctly with a wired connection, but not
with your wireless bridge, I'd blame your wireless connection...



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2007-05-29, 03:39
Its almost always a router problem....

2007-06-06, 13:53
Thanks for the replies.

When I use a wired connection, the same problem occurs, although it does sometimes get a few seconds into the song it's playing before freezing.

Any idea what it could be?


2007-06-06, 14:36
What firmware on the SB3 ?
What version of SlimServer are you running ?
Connect the SB3 directly to you computer and see what happens (guess you tried that)

2007-06-10, 10:16
I've had a friend who knows a lot more about networking than me look at the set up, and we have narrowed the problem down to the player itself.

We have connected my Slimp3 (firmware 2.3) to 2 different PCs, both directly and through the wireless bridge.

The player still freezes once you try to play a song. However, we have discovered that it also freezes when we ping the player a few times.

It seems that I'll have to accept that the Slimp3 itself is broken in some way. Perhaps I can send it to Logitech for them to repair it.


2007-07-08, 08:10
Well, it turns out that the proiblem was my PC!

I tried the Slimp3 on a friend's PC, and it worked fine. In the end I've bought a new PC (the previous one was getting on a bit), and the Slimp3 is working perfectly with the Netgear ME102s.

Thanks for the help.