View Full Version : Problem tuning in some stations in Slim that worked before and still work in iTunes.

2007-05-28, 22:53
This URL for KALX Berkeley:


I've used this URL successfully in slimserver in the past. The URL works in iTunes. Other radio presets like KCRW simulcast and KCRW music stream, or WFMU are working fine. But when I try to tune in the above URL from my preset or entering that URL manually, the SB3 says "checking stream" for a while, briefly displays the URL, then the slimserver gives up on trying to connect to the stream. Any idea why I might be having trouble with this particular stream? Is it working for anyone else?

Seems this one


for KPFA is also not working in Slim, but works fine in iTunes. Likewise


for KPFK.

Hmm...KALX KPFA and KPFK not working anymore? I smell conspiracy.

Seriously, this is puzzling and frustrating. Internet Radio has previously worked very well for me, better than terrestrial radio.

Thanks for any help.

2007-05-29, 11:09
Now this morning these streams are working again. Yet the streams were not down last night when I was having problems, as they worked in iTunes. DNS problem? Any other possibilities?