View Full Version : new qnap ts101

2007-05-28, 14:54

i have recently just purchased a qnap ts-101 from a big, well known website.

has anyone come across a securesite authenication activation before you can order a product.

before i could confirm my order i had to enter credit card details and activiate a netwest secure service before it would confirm the order.

please can anyone tell me if this is fraud/phishing website.

the website it directs me to is www.securesite.co.uk/rbs

2007-05-28, 15:57
This is worth a read: http://ambrand.com/2006/09/06/is-securesitecouk-a-phishing-scam/

Personally I'd steer clear, but that's just me!

Might be worth checking for spyware etc anyway.

I guess if you really want to order from them you could always drop them a line and ask them what's what.