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2007-05-28, 09:36
I put together an initial release of a skin for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) that I've been working on. It overcomes the problems other skins have on the PSP where the PSP browser aggressively caches results and does not submit commands to the server. It makes navigation easier and isn't as hard on the eyes(IMO).

Get it here: http://www.homeautomationdev.com/publicdownload/psp.zip

I haven't beat on it very hard so there's bound to be a bug or two so let me know if you find any (just post here). Be particularly watchful for agressive caching by the browser.


Ray Manning

2007-05-28, 09:54
Great that you're working on this :)

However, I get all the icons in a vertical line of the left side of the screen, rather than nicely laid out as per the screenshot.

PSP has FW 3.10 IIRC. No artwork used.



2007-05-28, 10:04
I'm running FW 3.40. It's quite possible an update might fix the problem. I doubt it's a bug since IE 5/6 displays the buttons in the appropriate positions as well (albeit, they have other problems with it).

I'd be interested in knowing if other users trying this on v3.40 are getting a proper display and also other FW versions have the problem so I can track minimum requirements.

Thanks for the report!

- Ray

2007-05-28, 16:56
Thanks for the sleek PSP skin.

I also had the buttons showing up vertically on the left side of the screen. My PSP was using ver 2.81

After upgrading to 3.40, it looked great!

Thanks again. The talent of this group continues to amaze me!