View Full Version : Sharing 1 squeezebox between two computers

2007-05-27, 17:57
Is this possible? I currently have 1 squeezebox set up through Linksys wireless router. I have slimerver installed on a XP laptop, and slimserver installed on Linux Ubunutu, I want to be able to easy swithc between computers music selection on my squeezebox, everytime i try and computers on the squeezebox, it has to update the firmwear and restart. It there a how to on this? Or a plugin script or a way to easily manage to computer on 1 squeezebox using port forwarding or anything like that? Any one done this?


Mark Lanctot
2007-05-27, 18:19
The reason you have to update firmware is that you have two different server versions, each with its own firmware. Make them both the same and this will stop. Ideally, make them both 6.5.2 and you wouldn't also have to update firmware when you connect to SqueezeNetwork.

It's much better to merge both music sources onto one server, but if you do want to switch, just press and hold left for about 5 seconds and go into network setup. If you've connected to the server before, it should be listed when you scroll up and down. Otherwise specify the server by IP address (it may find it automatically first). Once you've connected to it once, it should stay in the list.