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James A
2004-01-06, 00:44
Just to eliminate possibilities, would you be able to try plugging in a pair
of headphones and listening to the song on your computer? Which channel does
it come out of then?

It is possible that either the wiring in your vehicle is back-to-front, the
head unit is eating the song, or that the encoder reversed your song when
you ripped it.

-- james

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> Subject: [slim] I think I am hearing things
> Ok I was wondering if things sounded reverse through the Squeezebox.
> And today in my truck I was listening to a song that has a piano intro
> on the left speaker as hear through my car speakers and home cd
> player. Also when I play the flac encoded version of this song on my
> computer it plays through the left speaker.
> However when I play the exact same FLAC file through the squeezebox
> through the same reciever tested earlier the sound comes from the right
> speaker. I have not identified other music yet with a distinct left or
> right track to test with. Will look for some.
> My setup is as follows,
> Slimserver nightly from 01-04-2004 with firmaware version v5
> Test the squeezebox with my reciever via toslink digital connection,
> also tested it via headphones connected directly to the squeezebox with
> the same results.
> Any ideas?