View Full Version : eliminating gaps between tracks during playback?

2007-05-27, 13:41
I am on the fence about getting an SB3. I download a lot of live rock & roll show shows that are meant to be listened to in a DAO (disk at once) format. Can the SB3 be set to not include gaps between individual files in a file folder on a PC? Thanks for any input you may have!


2007-05-27, 23:09
Slimserver has no problem playing folders of flacs gapless. Shn is no longer supported, so you have to transcode those to flac, but you want to do that anyway to get them all tagged up. I got slimserver/squeezebox because my large live music collection became unwieldy on CD. Best music tech purchase ever.

BTW, foobar2000 has a "Live show tagger" plugin that can parse the info.txt files and tag the flac files accordingly. Brilliant. I was able to tag a huge live collection in no time, and now I tag everything shortly after it comes down. Currently downloading an Alice Cooper show I saw 4 years ago, and the collected entire known live Blind Faith, about 2GB of flacs. I'm currently seeding my recordings of McCoy Tyner solo, a Tom McDermott house concert, David Lindley with Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz, and Vusi Mahlasela with Taj Mahal, David Hidalgo and Mickey Hart.

The first Police show was tonight in Vancouver. That should be torrenting by tomorrow!