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Mark Norton
2007-05-27, 08:03
One of my SB3s is failing to connect, showing Wireless Signal 0% on "current settings". Another right next to it is fine. I switched parts between the two and the fault is in the daughter board into which the Wireless PCI mini-card connects.

I sent an email into tech-support and to my dismay got an acknowledgement from Logitech Customer Support who, from previous experience, are completely ignorant. Has anyone had meaningful technical support now that Slim Devices have been swallowed up by Logitech? Are they going to be able to supply a replacement board or should I dump it in the trash and buy new?

Brian Ritchie
2007-05-27, 13:51
Despair not... when my SB3 died and I contacted Support, though it seemed to go through the generic Logitech support system it soon reached someone who knew what they were on about.

They suggested a few (more) things to try myself, but when they didn't work, they suggested I return the SB3 to Slim Devices for repair. It turned out that the wireless adapter had failed. Since its return, it has worked perfectly (not even any sign of the errant behaviour I'd put down to network problems).

-- Brian

Mark Norton
2007-05-27, 14:42
Thanks, turns out that resetting the box (power on with Add/+ on the remote depressed) has fixed the problem.