View Full Version : Newbie Help - slimserver won't remove unchecked music in iTunes

2007-05-26, 17:27
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere,
I have a setup where I have two versions of my music library all in iTunes. The first is in Apple Lossless (for my Squeezbox which I just bought). The second is in AAC (for my iPod). I'm trying to get the slimserver to only pull my Apple Lossless music only, not the duplcate files. I had to manually set the iTunes music folder and the music library.xml locations in order for it to scan properly. I also checked the setting "don't include unchecked songs". I have tried rescanning several times but still get all the duplicates in the slim server. Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

2007-05-27, 10:35
Ok, yes I am an idiot newbie. I had moved my itunes folder to a second hard drive I added to my computer for space reasons. However, although the music folder location for itunes is there, the .xml file is still in "my music" under settings, so once I switched to the correct .xml file it is working fine - I have playlists and only my lossless music.