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2004-01-05, 18:51
Considering the large number of squeezeboxes in use, I can't imagine that
this is a software problem.

Only a fraction of all the owners out there ever put anything on the list.

I have not had any problems with wireless on my squeezebox. When running it
has 50-60% wireless strength (router is in the basement, squeeze is on the
2nd floor of the house) and I have no dropouts or other issues.

I am on RH9 running the latest daily build and latest firmware for the

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Thanks for sharing your experience. That's quite interesting that a weaker
signal improves performance in your case.

Unfortunately, removing the antenna from the squeezebox does not improve its

functionality for me. In fact, once the antenna is removed, it can't even
connect to the wireless network from another room.

I am becoming progressively more convinced that the issue is
software-related, particularly because the connection with the slimserver
software is always lost when I try to play a song. In other words, if I
reboot the wireless router and nagivate through the various squeezebox
menus, I can access artists, songs, genres, etc, but when I actually press
the play button, that's when it freezes up.

Hoping to find resolution soon so I can start listening to some music!

Thanks again for your input.


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>Subject: [slim] FW: wireless connection very intermittent
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>I'm having this too, just setting up for the first time :)
>I'm running slimserver on RedHat9 using a netgear "wireless/4 ether ports"
>When connected using wireless right next to the router it was intermittent
>with 94% wireless signal, when running using ethernet cable it was all
>Unplugged the wireless arial and got 64% signal strength and it worked
>great, its now downstairs with a 68% signal strength and running fine.
>Could the signal in some case be too strong?