View Full Version : 2nd SB can' open file

2007-05-25, 01:07
I have been running one wireless SB3 for a year now very successfully. I just bought a second wireless SB3 and configured it for the network very easily. It can see the entire library but when I try to play a song it just says "Problem: Can't open file". If I try to control it from the web interface it just won't play. The first SB3 continues to work fine.

I can also sync the new SB3 to the old SBŁ which works fine.

I updated SS to the official 6.5.2 but it made no difference. Running it on XP Pro.

Any ideas?

2007-05-25, 02:16
All sorted - I hadn't set up Inguz's DRC correctly for the 2nd SB3.

2007-05-25, 05:20
Ummm... yup. If you're running my EQ plugin, and add a new Squeezebox, it won't transcode properly until you go to the "Plugins - EQ" menu then restart SlimServer.

Sorry for this gotcha. Unfortunately I don't know a way to avoid it...

2007-05-25, 05:24
Thanks - I guess then it is not possible to have one SB3 with DRC, and one without. I can see my server PC getting clogged up.

And presumbaly if I sync the SB3s then they all use the same DRC processing as the main SB3 to which others have sync'd?