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David Drummond
2004-01-05, 15:19

As I rip my CD collection (only about 250 CDs) I have been placing the
original discs in a carton to be stored away. I figure there's no point in
cluttering up the lounge with CDs if all music is available via SliMP3 (and
they're less likely to get swiped in the event of break in)...


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> How/where do you store all of the original CDs?

The physical media was relegated to the loft (attic, whatever you like to
call it) some time ago. CDs are in those cardboard "archive" boxes (just
started box 11) and each box contains approx 240 CDs. Originally you could
expect to find artists beginning with "A" in box number 1, but as the
collection has grown it's become a little more "random access"! I don't
really miss the cover-art or liner notes, because as I rip, I connect to
allmusic.com and retrieve their reviews and copies of cover-art.

Another chunk of the MP3 collection is actually one of my housemates. He
keeps his CDs out on display, but he and the rest of the house listen to
them via the SliMP3.

Actually, the growing collection is why I changed from my 2 Audiotrons -
Audiotron has a hard limit of around 30000 tracks. Thankfully, with enough
RAM, SliMP3 copes much better.

I don't have original CDs for all the collection though - a good proportion
of it is comedy that I've either recorded live at gigs (I guess you'd call
it bootlegging) or have recorded from the radio. (ISIHAC, Goons etc.) You
can't buy most of the ISIHAC collection on CD yet (or tape, or any other
media) but you can (using a TiVo) record it from BBC 7 and convert it to

Where do other people keep their media? Once you've ripped do you keep the
CDs on display - or are you keeping them somewhere out of the way?


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