View Full Version : Is there a way to limit the squeezebox display to one playlist ?

2007-05-22, 16:45
I need to limit the choices for the user of a squeezebox to one playlist
and would like to avoid this user to be able to search, browse or whatever else can be done with the remote control which could drive him away from this specific playlist
is there a way to block these functions ?

2007-05-22, 18:00
Burn him a CD with the allowed tunes, give him a boombox, and send me the Squeezebox. ;)

2007-05-22, 19:00
Should you choose not to go with the CD option :), perhaps this is of any help to you:

http://wiki.erland.homeip.net/index.php/Setup:_Kids_room_SqueezeBox_with_simple_limited_ac cess



2007-05-26, 01:19
thanks for the link.
the thing look powerful
but not really clear about how to implement just one menu
did someone already created one menu for giving access to one playlist and could show me it as example ?
and more, tell me where to put the xml file (as i assume that this menu is an xml file ..) to make it visible by the interface ...

thanks again for your help