View Full Version : OASIS i i hope, i think, i know promo single cd, is worth?

2007-05-22, 10:49
i hear its more rare than a $10 John Edwards haircut.

just curious what the well informed group here think such a CD is worth?

being sold here, follow the links:


2007-05-22, 11:12
btw, this is the SO-1 radio station promo version, not a commercial one.

2007-05-25, 11:57
wow, its hit $500 and is still garnering interest!

2007-05-27, 14:10
There are 2 bidders who think it's worth over $1000.00.
Must be collectors.


2007-05-27, 14:28
Hmm, does anyone else think that this has gone beyond the scope of music lover? Not that Oasis were ever there, erm...

Sheesh, how much good music could you get for a grand...?

2007-05-29, 10:21
Winning bid - Us $1,231.99


So, MrSinatra ... into the safe it goes?


2007-05-29, 14:23
funnily enough, thats not me, its a doppleganger. i don't like oasis, or, i should say, i mostly don't like them. they have a handful of songs i do like, but even then, i can't stand the artists... they are the worst kind of arrogant boorish englishmen.

to me, its shocking. and i could go on a long diatribe about the money... but to each his own i guess.