View Full Version : Three glitches playing decompressed FLACs

2004-01-05, 11:11
> Does this mean you are ignoring non-DATA chunks in WAV streams
> now? There was also a convert.conf fix for this which forced
> FLAC to output raw PCM samples instead of a full WAV stream
> with header.

Actually there were two fixes:

1) In the firmware, there was a case where we would sometimes send
silence as all-ones instead of all-zeroes during the dead time between
tracks. This would cause a very small click at the transition when a
new stream starts. So this fix applies to all PCM formats (including
flac and aac played without transcoding).

2) For .wav files read directly from disk, we were reading the RIFF
tag(s) at the beginning, but weren't correctly seeking past them when
the stream started. This has been fixed in the server.