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Mark Palmberg
2004-01-05, 10:52
Whoa. Now that *IS* neat. You mean from right within iTunes, without burning a CDRW, right? This little tidbit made my day.

On Monday, January 05, 2004, at 10:46AM, dean blackketter <dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:

>I just discovered that the iTunes-LAME tool can also convert iTunes
>Music Store tracks to MP3. Neat!
>On Jan 5, 2004, at 8:31 AM, Mark Palmberg wrote:
>> I use the aforementioned iTunes-LAME script for iTunes under OS X, and
>> it shore is handy.
>> REMINDER: Steve Jobs is giving the MacWorld San Fran keynote
>> tomorrow...could be a new iPod on the way.
>> On Monday, January 05, 2004, at 10:23AM, Andrew Lucas
>> <alucas1966 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com> wrote:
>>> Curious..knowing that everyone is bound to have a favourite, what
>>> package
>>> would you recommend which is nice to look at, does tagging but also
>>> allows
>>> access to the LAME preset's?
>>> I've tried various but I havnt seen any with a 'LAME extreme' option.
>>> Thanks
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>>>> Subject: [slim] CBR vs. VBR
>>>> Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 10:39:16 -0500
>>>> On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 07:22:16AM -0800, Jason Holtzapple wrote:
>>>>> --- Phillip Kerman <lists (AT) phillipkerman (DOT) com> wrote:
>>>>>> Using my ears I can definitely say that any VBR ripped CDs are
>>>>>> muddy
>>>>>> sounding compared to a high rate CBR ripping. I would think VBR is
>>>> good for
>>>>>> efficiency but even my non-audiophile ears can tell the difference.
>>>>> What encoder and what settings? Did you try a double-blind test
>>>>> with the CBR and VBR settings to eliminate any placebo effect?
>>>>> Generally it is accepted that the lame encoder version 3.90+ with
>>>>> the built-in vbr presets produce the highest quality files apart
>>>>> from plain 320 Kbps CBR.
>>>> I must agree. '--preset extreme' sounds, within the limitations of
>>>> my
>>>> hardware and ears, indistinguishable from the original CD.
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