View Full Version : Help: Music cuts out after few seconds, wired & wireless on SB3

2007-05-19, 20:29
Well, I give up. I've spent about a week lurking and trying to find answers to my problem.

The Problem: My squeezebox seems to be able to connect to my network and find music. After a few seconds-varies from several seconds to about 30 seconds, my squeezebox restarts--I get a Logitech/Squeezebox headline, and then it launches to try to connect. At first, I thought this could be a wireless issue. I switched to wired ethernet and still have the problem.


- Bought my squeezebox 3 last year (June 2006). Never really paid much attention to the firmware at the time.
- Was able to get system up an running right away using a wireless setup. I have a D-Link DI-624 wireless G router. This router has been a champ both historically with the squeezebox and with other uses (laptop).
- I enjoyed wireless music all summer on my back deck outdoor speakers using my squeezebox and wireless network.

Winter came--no more listening to the squeezebox--too cold.

Summer is upon us--fire up the squeezebox for outdoor listening and nothign seems to work now. I did upgrade the firmware to 6.5.1. As mentioned, I have no idea what the firmware was prior to this upgrade. All of my problems mentioned above seem to coincide with the firmware upgrade.

Things I have tried to fix the problem:

- Cold boot squeezebox
- Power cycled router, modem.
- Updated firmware in router.
- When I thought I might be having wireless interference, I switched to a wired ethernet connection
- Turned off Norton AV
- Turned off ZoneAlarm firewall
- I am using DHCP to assign an IP...Always assigns same IP to my squeezebox.

Any other ideas? Any help is appreciated...