View Full Version : LAME Freezing

Justin Sanchez
2004-01-05, 06:01
I am having some trouble transcoding mp3s on my server.

I am using lame 3.93.1 and I placed the files lame.exe and lame_enc.dll in
the c:\WINDOWS directory. From the windows command prompt I transcoded a
file and everything worked fine.

In the C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server directory I changed the
convert.conf file to read as:

mp3 mp3 http *

# -

$lame$ --silent --mp3input -b 128 $FILE$ -

When I run my Slimp3 server with Winamp 5.01, a connection is made but then
everything freezes and the buffer on Winamp is stuck at 0%.

I am running Windows XP Pro on a Dual AMD Athlon MP 1800+ with 1Gb DDR ram.

Can anybody see any flaws in my setup? Is there a fix?