View Full Version : Random Mix (album mode) issue/request

2007-05-19, 11:16

Version 6.5.2 - 11599 - solaris - EN - utf8

Random mix mode has a setting "Now Playing will show X upcoming songs and Y recently played songs." This works OK in random song mode, but in random album mode, I can only get 1 album at a time queued in the playlist no matter what numbers I use for X and Y. When the entire album is finished, then the next random album is added to the playlist. So the above settings (based on songs) are not exactly working or perhaps even relevant.

Perhaps it may be better to have "Now playing will show X upcoming ALBUMS and Y recently played ALBUMS" instead?

So the problem is, if you don't like the current random album and you zap it with "[X] - Remove from playlist" (Fishbone skin), rather than going to the next random album, playback completely stops because there is no next album in the playlist.

Any suggestions?