View Full Version : Hardware problems - any ideas

2007-05-19, 03:03
I've got three Squeezeboxes plugged in to a hidden equipment rack. One of them worked fine for about 24 hours, and then I couldn't contact it via the network. I managed to get it down yesterday and the display was only showing about 10% of the pixels on startup. Using a 5V 2.5A supply increased that to about 30%. Before I send it back to the retailer is there anything I can try to bring it back to life?

The only slight problem I have is that I'm just outside the 30 day limit (in the UK) to get an immediate refund and I know the retailer is out of stock as I cleared him out. They sat on my floor for 3 weeks while I waited for a home cinema installer to plug them into my QED MusiQ amps (being a wheelchair user makes it difficult to reach things, and I had no idea how the MusiQs were originally set up).


Mark Lanctot
2007-05-19, 08:10
The unit is clearly defective. Contact support at slimdevices dot com.

2007-05-19, 14:40
I have done, I've also emailed the retailer, I was just clutching at straws that there might be a magic wand I could wave...