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2007-05-17, 09:47
Anybody seen this before?
Occasionally the SB3 will stall - just doesn't start playing the next song - it displays the upcoming song, the buffer is full, but the song doesn't start playing until I press play, at which time it re-buffers ('show buffer fullness' activated) and starts playing. Seems strange for an emergent problem - probably just need to restart the server?

2007-05-18, 05:07
Yes, I have seen this before.

What plugins are you running?

How do you start the list of songs when the song fails to play? I mean, do you
browse and play an album and then after a while it does not play the next song?
Or, do you need to start the list of playing songs a certain way (like randommix)
before it stops playing?


2007-05-18, 05:19
I've seen something similar but different relating to socketwrapper on Windows.

What format are the files ?
What iso the player ?
What is the OS ?

Is there transcoding happening ?
Did you create a playlist and then start playing it all ?
Did you Pause ?

2007-05-18, 05:35
Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies! Here are some answers to your questions:

Q:What plugins are you running?
SuperDateTime, AutoDim Display, Lastfm & Scrobbler

Q:How do you start the list of songs when the song fails to play?
This is a good question - I most often use RandomAlbum - I would say there's an 80% chance that the occurrences have happened during Random Play. Hmmm... I wonder if it's happening near the end of the album when it wants to load the next one.....I'll have to watch for this.

OS is WinXP, SS 6.5.1, flac files streamed to the SB3 for transcoding.

Is there a particular debug that would be helpful to run?

2007-05-18, 06:46
Debug flags

Try either or both:
d_source useful if transocding on Slimserver

d_directstream useful if no transcoding on Slimserver.