View Full Version : Slim/Squeeze and LinuxMCE

2007-05-17, 09:16
Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on consolidating the functions of Slimserver/Squeezebox (music distribution) with those of LinuxMCE (media/automation control). Is this something you'd like to see? Would it be interesting to see Jive as a flexible menu/navigation mechanism that manages not only Slimserver but the MCE across a range of control devices?

If you're not familiar with LinuxMCE, you can check it out at http://www.linuxmce.com/. I have no affiliation with them, and have not yet even tried out the package. But it sure looks interesting as an alternative to Windows MCE/Vista/etc.

2007-05-18, 17:53
OK, judging from the following videocast linuxmce seems pretty awesome (if you can ignore the MS bashing). I read that it integrates with slimserver, but I'm not sure exactly how though. But after having seen this I'm very tempted to try it out on my myth/slim server.


2007-05-21, 09:28
I can just about envision where the proper Logitech Jive remote could be used to control both MCE and Slim functions. Or the existing control mechanisms -- video display, cellphone, workstation, etc. -- could present an integrated user experience for music distribution as well as the media control and home automation functions MCE supports.