View Full Version : Random songs in 1 Genre

2007-05-15, 18:59

I have grouped all of my music into 30 genres. I use random song play quite a bit and have 5 mainstream genres selected from the list of available genres. However, every now and then - I just want to listen to a random selection of songs from 1 genre - eg. Blues or Progressive Rock.

Does anyone know of any other way to do this other than going into the Random Play genre settings and deselecting everything selected to select the one genre I want to listen to and then having to go back in to reset my preferred genres again? (phew.


2007-05-15, 22:11
Just browse the genre on either the slimserver or squeeze (I just use the web interface) and then hit play on the genre you want. Select the shuffle setting you want and bingo!

2007-05-15, 22:19
Cool! Never thought of that. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks very much!

Rick B.
2007-05-16, 06:18
You can also use Erland's Random plugin, which allows to pick any genres you want for Random play.