View Full Version : slimserver startup question (windows)

2007-05-15, 18:32
What is the proper order of the operations necessary to get slimserver up & running? (I'm running win2k, but I'd be happy with a winXp answer.)

As far as I can tell, the 2 services get started (SlimServer & SlimServerMySQL), and then slimtray gets run by existing in StartMenu\Programs\Startup.

I'm trying to create a scheduled task that stops SS, then restarts it.

Here's what I have:
net stop SlimServerMySQL
net stop SlimServer >> cycle.txt

ping -w 1000 -n 3 1> NUL

net start SlimServerMySQL
net start SlimServer

This works if I run it from the cmd line, but sometimes fails if I put it in a scheduled bat file.
The failure is that SlimServer won't start, and I can't find any logs that tell me why.

Anybody got info on a reliable set of ops I can run from a scheduled bat file?


2007-05-15, 19:18
What are you trying to do? Just stop and restart SlimServer?

net stop SlimServer
net start SlimServer