View Full Version : Adding multiple items at once to the playlist

2007-05-15, 14:40
Wondering if any plugins allow more flexible browsing/selection of songs in the music library:

I typically build a fresh playlist every time I use my squeezebox. I take maybe 10 minutes browsing my music library to find artists/albums/songs that match my mood, and then play in shuffle mode. I browse the library by artist and either:
-Add an entire artist
-Drill down to an album and add an entire album
-Drill down and add individual songs from an album

The most anoying part of this process is that each click to either drill down or add an item to the playlist results in a browser refresh with a perceptible lag. Especially when the playlist has many hundreds or thousands of songs, each time another is added there is a delay while the playlist is refreshed.

I'd prefer an interface where you could select and add multiple items to the playlist at once. First present the music library in a collapseable/ expandable heirarchical structure: start with a list of artists, each with a little '+' sign to the left. Clicking on the '+' sign would expand the artist and show all albums below it. Clicking the '+' sign for an album would expand it into the constituent songs. The entire music library would be loaded once when the page is first brought up (and displayed collapsed by default, showing artists only), and any part of the list could be dynamically expanded/ collapsed without reloading the web page.

Every item in the list would also have a checkbox next to it. The checkboxes next to each item in the list would allow you to select the item for adding to the playlist. The actual 'add' action would be done one time with a button at the top and bottom of the page labeled "Add selected items to playlist".

So the interface would work like this: The entire music library would be loaded to the browsing page once, you would collapse and expand items to drill down to albums and songs, and click the checkboxes to select what you want to add to the playlist. Clicking the checkbox for an artist would automatically check all of the albums and songs under that artist; clicking the checkbox for an album would automatically check all of the songs under that album (but any could be unchecked if desired). The response of navigating through this interface and selecting items to play would be instantaneous, so you could just cruise through and select your items lag-free. Once you've checked all the stuff you want to play, click the 'Add to playlist' button once and presto....

An interface like this would make using slimserver much more enjoyable for me. Two questions: Does a plugin exist that does somethig like this? If not, is it even possible?