View Full Version : digital passthrough?

2007-05-13, 21:07
Can someone please explain what digital passthrough the Transporter offers. This is from the spec "Supports raw pass-through of uncompressed PCM audio formats and
Digital passthrough to S/PDIF for DTS "

Does this mean that a Digital passthrough from a DVD player to Transporter to Reciever is now possible? If so will this work for all formats, dolby digital, DTS etc.

Thanks in advance

Eric Seaberg
2007-05-14, 13:41
I've actually gotten it to pass a digital out from my XM receiver, but you MUST switch the Transporter to look at your digital input source as the CLOCK source, too. This option is ONLY available on the web interface under the Transporter Player Settings:Audio. When you're done 'passing' audio, you need to change the CLOCK source back to INTERNAL.

Slim REALLY needs to have this option accessible from the front panel, IMHO.