View Full Version : Maximum "safe" voltage from PSU to SB3?

2007-05-13, 08:59
Hi - I've measuered the voltage of my standard SB3 PSU, and it's about 5.18 V

I just bought a linear power supply for it, and unfortunately, it can't supply 5V, but only 4,5 and 6 V (actually 4.77 and 6.33 V)

Can the SB3 tolerate the 6.33 voltage?
Or is the 4.77V sufficient, without sound quality impacts?

2007-05-13, 10:57
Voltage is very critical to the SB3 - high or low - so neither of the voltages your PSU is outputting can be regarded as safe. Certainly the 6.33 could cause damage. Try the 4.77 (it will be 4.5 under load) as it will cause no damage but you may have problems with displaying text, screensavers and decoding certain music files.

Personally I would buy a more suitable one or stick to the stock supply. There are lots of threads about this in the Audiophile forum as well as this one.