View Full Version : SS Startup Behavior

2007-05-12, 16:22
One of the recent nightly updates (don't know which one) seems to have changed the way SlimServer loads on system startup.

It used to be that when I booted up my pc, the tray icon indicated that Slimserver was running. At that point SS was running in the background without the web interface being open in my browser.

Now, each time I boot up, in addition having the tray icon indicate that SS is running, SS opens up in a browser window.

Can I get back to having SS run only in the background without opening up in the web browser?

I seldom control the SB3 from the PC and don't often need to open the web interface.

Current SS version: 6.5.2 - 11903 Player firmware: 81

I could just go back to an earlier version of the software, but then I'd lose whatever inprovements/fixes are included in the current updates.