View Full Version : All internet radio has stopped working :o(

2007-05-12, 14:18

i have been running Slimserver (v6.5.1) on Windows Vista without problem for over a month but in the last couple of days all internet radio has stopped working.

I have spent some time looking through the forums but sadly have found no resolution to the problem.

I have ensured that my firewall is not blocking communication to the best of my knowledge. I should also add that the alienbbc test program operates correctly when executed on the computer.

I have enabled debugging and receive the following error when the SB tries to play any of the slim devices picks...

ERROR: scanRemoteURL: Can't connect to remote server to retrieve playlist: Error reading headers: Server closed connection without sending any data back at /PerlApp/Net/HTTP/Methods.pm line 306.
...propagated at /PerlApp/Net/HTTP/NB.pm line 32.

It would seem to me that slimserver cannot access the internet at all. Can anyone suggest what i should try next or point me to a thread i may have missed please?


2007-05-12, 17:00
What happens when you try to connect to SqueezeNetwork?

2007-05-12, 17:34
a rather odd thing... it works! and even more odd once i moved back to the squeezeserver software the internet radio started working again too!

i'm at a loss to explain it - but at least it's working again.

thanks Balthazar_B.