View Full Version : Am I likely to screw anything up if......

2007-05-11, 23:07
.....I run my SB3 set up again? I just don't want to be without my music this weekend if I do something that will stuff it up.

Today, I installed a new hard drive on my music server. I used the same network name etc but now when my SB connects - it takes 3 or 4 tries (me pushing the power button on remote) before it hooks up with Slimserver. I've noticed in the settings that it has connected to Host 2 - so assuming it is looking for the original host that was on my original HDD settings and then connects to Host 2 when it can't find it.

Any quick fixes you guys can help me with?


2007-05-11, 23:41
It should be just fine. Assuming of course that you follow the prompts correctly ;)