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David Drummond
2004-01-04, 15:51

How/where do you store all of the original CDs?


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I built two machines - one sits in the house and serves the SliMP3 and
laptops of my housemates. The other sits under my desk at work and lets me
listen to my collection in the office. They both have ~560Gb of storage,
and they're kept synchronised by FolderShare (www.foldershare.com).

FolderShare is my best software find of 2003 - as soon as anything is added
to the main machine (I treat the machine at home as the "source") the second
machine is updated over the Internet. The beauty of FolderShare is that I
can add as many machines as I like to this system, and they'll all keep each
other up to date.

I'm not using RAID - both machines are built with JBOD (Just a Bunch Of
Discs). I find this works very well for me - In my case, building duplicate
machines was a cheaper (and easier) option than any other backup device!

Oh, and in case you're wondering - I've not filled that 560Gb yet... I'm at
about 330Gb right now. My MP3 collection has increased by 2500% in three
years. I've had to rebuild my audio server 3 times so far to accommodate
newer and larger HDDs. This time I've built as much storage as I can
afford, but as someone has already said in this thread - my collection will
expand to fill the available space!

All the best,

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