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Simon Turner
2004-01-04, 12:11
I don't know if this is the same thing at all but..
I got my Squeezebox installed 0n Dec 28th. I have listend to Internet Radio
at 128k a few times since that for periods of up to an hour and everything
has been fine.
If it's of any bearing I make a winamp playlist of any radio station i want
then access this via the Squeezebox "Browse Playlists".

Today, after about an hour and a half of listening my radio station just
stopped. I went up ustairs to my computer to find that slim.exe was taking
up 99% of my system resources. I stopped the service, restarted it,
restarted the Squeezebox and all was OK again.

I always have problems with radio stations at 256k.. which just constantly
break up.. I assume this is because i do not have sufficient bandwidth. If I
have too many uploads and downloads happening at the same time as listening
to 128k radio the same thing happens.

My wireless signal is broadcast through two single skin brick walls and a
wooden floor before it gets to the Squeezebox.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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Internet radio does not work properly on my newly installed Squeezebox.
Is this a rare problem, or are most squeezebox users not using internet
radio? There are only a couple of entries in the discussion group related
to this problem, and they indicate that it is associated with a wireless
connection. However, I have found that it remains after connecting the
sqeezebox to my router with an ethernet cable. I have upgraded the
Slimserver software to the Jan 4 build (5.0.3) with no effect. I have also
accessed radio stations as described in the online help without dragging the
connections from the iTunes list. These stations work fine in Winamp or
iTunes (at 128 kbps) when run through my computer sound card to digital
speakers, but then breakup or stutter when run though the squeezebox to my
stereo. Standard MP3 files (128 kbps) play fine on the squeezebox so it
would appear to not be related to a transmission problem or firewall
setting. The problem is most severe with 128 kbps radio, but it also occurs
with even 24 kbps stations. Is there a buffer setting for the squeezebox?
Is this a known problem, or something peculiar to my setup?
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Subject: [slim] Trouble with Internet Radio Breaking Up

I have just set up a Sqeezebox and am having trouble with many iTunes
internet radio stations breaking up (i.e. the sound goes off and on every
few seconds). Those that have this problem seem to be transmitting at more
than 56 kbps. This essentially makes internet radio useless. Am I not
setting up something correctly? I am using a 900 MHz Pentium III, 256 MB
RAM, XP Home, wireless Linksys 2.4 GHz 801.11b router. I have connected the
router to the Squeezebox with an ethernet cable and still observe the same
problem. iTunes stations that work - CelticMelt I, iTunes stations that do
not work: Highlander Radio, Magnatune Classical.