View Full Version : PlayerID in http and CLI interfaces

2007-05-08, 10:05
When submitting http or CLI interface commands to a slimserver that has more than one player connected, the commands take a "player" or "playerid" argument to specify which player you want the command to act on. Is there a way to specify "all connected players"?

This way, in cases where you wanted a command to act on all players simultaneously, rather than submitting the same command multiple times, one per player, you could just submit the command once. It also simplifies things in that you wouldn't have to query for (or know beforehand) the unique playerid of each connected player.

This seems like an easy and valuable feature, but I couldn't find anything like it in the docs.

2007-05-08, 10:13
> Is there a way to specify "all connected players"?

AFAIK no. (You should probably better ask this in the developer forum.)



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