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fast eddie
2007-05-07, 02:57
For some reason I am unable to set up a home network using 2 pcs running XP. One of the machines is saying that I may not have the correct permissions even though I have set the profile as an administrator. I can ping the server from the other pc on the network and both have an active internet connection through a DSL router. I have set up the workgroup name to be the same on both pcs

What I would like to do is run the server headless and when I get new cd's rip them on the other pc and then transfer the files over the network to the SB3 directory on my server pc. I can use VNC to control the server machine but it doesnt let me transfer files to it.

Is there another way, may be using s/w, that I can do this until I can get this networking issue sorted?

Any advice/help much appreciated

2007-05-07, 06:00
Are the local administrator passwords the same on both machines?
NT Authentication is used. Also there are two spots to set security on shares - did you get them both?

fast eddie
2007-05-07, 10:42
The administrator passwords are not the same, should they be? and where are the 2 spots to set security on the shares?

2007-05-07, 11:14
You have share level security and file level security. They work together. Most times it is easiest to set the share level security to full-access for authenticated users. Then at the file / folder level set the restrictions you want.

fast eddie
2007-05-08, 00:38
I am doing the same thing on both pc's. The only difference is one is new.

Can you please let me know how I check the settings for both.


2007-05-08, 07:59
It is often easier to 'pull' files, then to 'push' them. ie log into the recieving machine, open up 'explorer', then either map a drive from the sending machine, or in the "run" box type in using UNC the folder (\\<PC-Name\<Share-Name>) you want to copy from - then drag-and-drop! If the usernames and passwords are not the same, then you will also need to authenticate.

Also consider 'remote desktop' vice VNC. Not sure if it is native on XP but you should be able to get it from Micro$oft.

Happy Trails!

2007-05-09, 06:25
As said, in a peer-to-peer scenario like this, you need the same user name and password set on both machines. You can log in as different users on each machine, but the accounts must exist on the machines you want to access.

user1 is "primary" user on machine1 with pass Abc123
user2 is "primary" user on machine2 with pass Xyz789
(primary, in that is the user that you usually log into that particular machine).

For user1 to access machine2, an account with the same name (user1) and password (Abc123) must also exist on machine2. That is, if you want it to be seamless. You *can* map a network drive, and select "connect as another user", and enter in the credentials for user2. I use that method when my computer is logged in as a user without a password (guest account).

Also, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a great tool, but the remote machine (the one you want to be headless) must be running XP Pro (or Windows 2000 server or Server 2003). XP Home only supports remote assistance, and not on demand connections.