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2007-05-06, 18:00
My setup: Linksys BEFSR81 (v2) set as DHCP server running firmware 2.45.10 (most recent)
BEFSR81 connected to my ADSL (old Westell Wirespeed) router which connects to the internet. / I recently replaced the BEFSR81 with a D-Link DGL-4100 (most recent firmware installed)
Main PC running Windows XP Professional (current service packs installed) - mp3 files are stored on this main PC. SlimServer 6.5 running on this PC. Norton Systemworks 2006 runs on this PC (slimserver is set as an exception and is allowed to connect to this PC). Windows firewall is turned OFF and there are exception for slimserver 3483 tcp and upd as well as 9000 tcp.
Squeezebox connected to my WIRED network.

The Problem: My Squeezebox connects to my network, gets an IP, connects to Slimserver and will play mp3's for hours uninterrupted and without any stuttering or dropouts. However, my network connection to the internet becomes extremely unreliable and speeds are decreased by a factor of 10 from the moment the Squeezebox connects. My ADSL modem will frequently lose its DSL connection after the Squeezbox connects to my network. These problems continue even after I power off the Squeezebox. In order to restore a good internet connection for my networked PCs I have to disconnect and power off everything on the network (PCs, Squeezebox. printer, NAS) then power cycle the ADSL modem and router.

This problem reoccurs EVERY time I connect my SB3 to my network and NEVER happens when it is not connected to my network.

I submitted a question to Logitech via their website form and was told it sounded like I had alot of network traffic and that I should get a router with MIMO technology! I'm having a wired network issue and I don't see how MIMO solution would apply.

I replaced my aging Linksys BEFSR81 with a D-Link DGL-4100 wired router to see if this would fix the problem. It did not and the exact same problem occurs with this newer router.

I really like the Squeezebox interface and would love to keep it, but the problems it causes on my network are unbearable and I am getting very tired of resuscitating my internet connection everytime I use it. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this and have a potential solution?

2007-05-06, 22:59
My ADSL modem will frequently lose its DSL connection after the Squeezbox connects to my network.

Are you saying that your ADSL modem (a separate box connected to the WAN port on your access point, right?) loses its _DSL_ connection, i.e. the actual link to the telco, when SB3 is plugged in on your LAN? That doesn't make any sense. Can you clarify if that is really what happens?

Also have you tried unplugging devices from your network until you have the simplest possible setup that exhibits this problem?

And you are certain that bridging is disabled on the SB3, right? I.e. you do NOT want to enter your wireless settings during setup. You need to tell it to use ethernet.

2007-05-07, 00:03
It might be helpful to specify exactly which model of Wirespeed you have, and to say more about *exactly* how all of this is connected..

It may be just a few misplaced words, but I am puzzled as to why you have two routers in your setup, this is not a normal network design.

If the Wirespeed is just an ADSL *modem* then fine - connect the Dlink WAN port to your modem, and the LAN ports to your PC and SB and anything else you might have. ((what else is there, BTW?).

However some Wirespeeds seem to be routers as well, in which case connecting another router downstream might very well cause a lot of confusion.


2007-05-07, 15:16
Yes, my DSL modem is a seperate box (Westell wirespeed B90-36R516-01) connected to my router.

I only have one router on the network and it is currently the D-Link DGL-4100 (wired only) and an unmanaged switch (DLink DGS-2208). This setup recently replaced my Linksys router. I thought maybe the Linksys router was causing problems, but the same thing happens with the D-Link setup.

I don't currently have a wireless access point on this network and the SB3 is set to connect via ethernet which it does without difficulty. I will try a hard reset and make sure bridging is disabled.

I agree that it makes no sense, but after the SB3 connects to the network the DSL modem starts to loose its connection/negotiation with the DSL line. This very rarely happens when the SB is not connected, but happens intermittently after every time my SB connects.

Devices on my network that I have removed in sequence to try to isolate the problem (except for the desktop running slimserver):
Linksys PAP2 (vonage phone adapter)
HP Officejet 7310xi printer/scanner/fax
Synology Diskstation (NAS device)
IBM Thinkpad T60 (via port replicator)
Main desktop PC running slimserver

Thanks for responding to this post and trying to help me with this perplexing probelm.

2007-05-07, 17:35
You have me stumped, but I will throw a couple ideas out there. I just don't know what SB3 could possibly do that would make your DSL line lose connection. That should be strictly a function of whether there is a good enough signal on the line. Even if you wanted to I don't know what you could do on the LAN side of your router that should affect it.

I am imagining some bizarre electrical problem but that is really a stretch. Have you called your DSL provider to test the quality of your line? If you can get hold of a knowledgeable tech at your ISP, he may be able to give you some idea of the reason for the disconnects. Their equipment and your DSL modem both keep track of error codes and error rates on the line.

I'm not trying to just "pass the buck" as you've clearly correlated this to something that happens when the SB3 is connected. However, I can't tell you what is happening in the modem when it disconnects.

Mark Lanctot
2007-05-10, 15:20
This sounds like a conflict somewhere among all the networked devices that the SB3 is initiating.

Is there a DHCP server active on both the modem and the router?

Are the modem and router on the same subnet? Any IP address conflicts?

If it were a single device it would be due to router load: it's getting overloaded and drops something - oops, there goes the DSL. But in this case, with two devices, the modem shouldn't even see the SB3 traffic - unless the act of starting the SB3 causes a chain of events to occur...However the SB3 can talk with SlimServer all the time without problems, it's only when traffic levels increase that the issue pops up. This is a doozie.

2007-05-10, 15:52
For what it's worth, I had a sporadic connectivity problem recently and it turned out my BEFSR41 (v1) had finally kicked the bucket in a rather spectacular way, and was, periodically triggered by some unknown event, spamming my home network with malformed packets.

My symptoms don't match yours, but it could be your BEFSR81 has reached the end of its useful life.

2007-05-10, 16:30
But in this case, with two devices, the modem shouldn't even see the SB3 traffic - unless the act of starting the SB3 causes a chain of events to occur...However the SB3 can talk with SlimServer all the time without problems, it's only when traffic levels increase that the issue pops up. This is a doozie.

And since there is a switch in this picture too..

If both the SB and the PC running slimserver are plugged into the switch...

The Router should never see any traffic from the SB other than the DHCP request and the initial "Hey, I just turned on, is there a server out there?" UDP broadcast from the Squeezebox.

So data would stay away from both the router -and- the modem.

2007-05-10, 16:46
can you read your adsl stats from your modem? snr margin and downlink attenuation? if you can then see if they change when you connect your SB. this could indicate an interferrence problem.


2007-05-10, 17:59
Maybe I'm off in left field, but I never heard anyone asked at what speed was his internet connection coming in at and upload at? Now I know many will say that is not apart of what squeezebox needs, but any network traffic does reduce the amount of d/l and U/l ability. WHen I had cable running at 2.5 Mbps I never had any issues with squeezesoft or squeezebox dropping off/lose connection when on squeeze network. I went back to my DSL (cost factor) and now if I'm d/l music or large files online and have the squeezebox running, it will drop or stutter. You may have to look at how much you allow squeezebox to use (Bps).

2007-05-11, 03:40
Since we're throwing ideas around, you might want to try this:

At the EXACT physical location of your SB3, disconnect the SB3 and try connecting a laptop in the _same_ power outlet and connect it to your lan using the _same_ ethernet cable...

You could even use softsqueeze to "emulate" the SB3 and play some music. What does that do? Any difference?

Good luck chasing the ghosts... ;)

2007-05-11, 15:33
What does the routers and SlimServers log say ?

2007-05-12, 17:57
My router is the only device set up as the DHCP. The modem just connects to the internet when the router tells it to (PPPoE). I have replaced the Linksys BEFSR81 with the DLink DGL 4100. There do not seem to be any address conflicts.

I took everything off the network and connected the modem to the router, my PC to the router, and the SB3 to the router (no switch and no other devices). No changes in the problem.

I don't know how I would go about seeing my modem statistics while it is connected to my router. I am going to try to contact my ISP (centurytel) and see if they can watch my traffic while I connect the SB.

My DSL speed is advertised as 1.5M down and 650ish up. When the SB is not connected and my connection is running good I can get speeds of 1200-1500 down and 400-500 up pretty reliably on dslreports and speedtest. After the SB connects I get upload speeds around 300-400 and uploads around 300. That is if I can stay connected long enough for the test to complete.

I recently changed the setting in slimserver to stop checking for updates automatically. Maybe this will help (?)

This is an awful lot of futzing around for a consumer electronics device :-) I am thinking about just getting a big ole iPod and scraping this whole streaming music business. Anyway, thanks everyone for your ideas and help.