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2004-01-03, 16:09
Also I have drops if I'm using my iBook in the same room with the
Squeezebox. I have them on separate wireless networks too.

Peter Lindman

> on 1/3/04 10:03 AM, Peter at peter (AT) lindmanassociates (DOT) com wrote:
> I've had this problem since I moved from a G4 (OS 10.2.7) to a G5 (OS 10.3.2).
> AAC files either wouldn't play at all or they would start and drop.
> SqueezeBox is being used wireless. Signal strength is about 80% at that
> location according to my iBook. Re-ripped all my files to mp3 (kept the AAC
> versions as well for eventual use) and all is fine.
> Peter Lindman
> on 1/3/04 10:20 AM, discuss-request (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com at
> discuss-request (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote:
> AAC dropout issues on OSX server with Squeezebox
> I recently started encountering dropouts on every AAC file that I listen to
> via my squeezebox. It happens a few seconds into the song, and then after
> about 5-10 seconds it picks up again. The squeezebox quits sending a signal to
> my pre-amp during the outage. I was looking at the activity monitor and cpu
> usage seems to be pegging during the AAC playback.
> This is not happening on mp3s or on streaming radio formats.
> Most of my music is encoded into AACıs so this basically has rendered my
> Squeezebox unusable.
> Details on my setupŠ
> OSX: 10.3
> 500mhz g3, 512mb ram
> Slimserver software: 5.0.1
> Itunes Lame encoder: 2.0.5
> Please help, thanks.
> /t

2004-01-03, 16:37
Has this been fixed? Service crashes each time I try to actually PLAY a

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