View Full Version : keep having to "rescan" music library

2007-05-05, 16:55
Hi All,

I have had my SB for a few weeks, and enjoying it.

I find I have to rescan my music library a couple of times a week. I will be browsing using the remote for the SB, find an artist, but when I try to play I will get the message "folder empty", or "unknown file format". After rescanning I can find and play everything with no problems.

This evening I was unable to add songs to a playlist on SS until after I had done the rescan.

My music files are stored on an external drive.

Ant ideas on what is causing this nuisance?

Thank You.

andy b
2007-05-06, 03:06
This sounds like our problem.

We have external storage too (a NAS), and on the occasions where we try to play something without having first switched on the NAS, the library gets corrupted - missing tracks, duplicated albums and the like.


It's a shame that such things are still an issue.

2007-05-06, 07:47
Thanks for the link to the thread. I added a post there.