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Guy Albertelli II
2003-11-11, 08:10
Hi All,

> >>Is there some way to do this with the current server
> >>software? Or some other way to have the server
> >>'prefer' CUEed versions of an album over unCUEed
> >>versions of the same album?
> >One idea OTOH would be to add an id3 tag which
> >indicates that the individual files should be ignored.
> Indeed. I don't feel qualified to invent new tags, but
> that'd be nice too.

No need to invent the tag.

The PRIV frame is there specifically to store this kind of
information. Quoting the id3v2.3/4 spec:

"This frame is used to contain information from a software producer
that its program uses and does not fit into the other frames."

<Header for 'Private frame', ID: "PRIV">
Owner identifier <text string> $00
The private data <binary data>

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