View Full Version : SlimServer Skipping and other related issues.

2007-05-03, 19:02

I've tried installing SlimServer multiple times, but I'm constantly getting weird skipping issues. Songs on the now playing window finish in much less time than it would actually take to listen to the songs, songs that haven't even been played according to the Now playing section are being streamed, songs skip, etc... What's up with that?

However when I stream a ShoutCast it works perfectly.

I've tried this on multiple machines (Windows XP, Windows XP via VMWare, Windows Home Server 2003) and with multiple versions ranging, the latest version being the 2007-05-03 6.5 nightly.

Help would be much appreciated.

2007-05-07, 01:04
Anybody? This issue isn't going to disappear on it's own...

2007-05-07, 02:06
There's a major bug on file with regard to songs being truncated during playback. It appears to be specific to Windows servers. See the bug report:


2007-05-07, 03:18
What format are the files you are playing ?
Bug 4544 seems to only applies to files that are being transcoded.

2007-05-07, 04:24
All files are MP3s.

2007-05-07, 04:39
While unlikely there is a possibility that your ystem is transcoding the MP3 if for example, you have disabled the MP3 built-in setting or you have enabled bit rate limiting.

To be sure what is going on get a debug log with d_source and d_direcstream enabled.

2007-05-07, 04:47
I will try to have a look into it a bit more tomorrow, but as I installed it on three different configurations and got the issue with the stock standard settings I find it a tad odd.

2007-05-07, 04:51
I agree but I think it is better to find out what exactly is happening and not get your problem categorised wrongly as I think there will be a fix for some instances of 4544 shortly.

I think Windows Home server may not the best platform to do any testing - stick to XP for any testing as it will avoid other issues.