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2007-05-03, 18:06
Hello all. Just had my SB3 for a day and things aren't 100% yet. Windows XP on Dell laptop, CDs ripped with iTunes to Apple lossless, approx 100G of music stored on a network drive, laptop and SB3 wireless.

Here's the problem. I can see my music files, select files to play with Slimserver, and play them. However, all songs stop approximately 15 to 25 seconds from the end and the next song starts immediately. Nothing wrong with the music files since they play completely in iTunes. Any ideas on what is going on and how to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance,

2007-05-03, 18:25
It's a known bug that, unfortunately, Slim has been slow in fixing. It's been happening for over 6 months now. Current nightly releases (versions beyond the stable production release) still exhibit the behavior.

This bug drove me to convert my library to FLAC. But it is not an option for everyone. It makes library management a little more manual than iTunes. Say what you will about Apple, they know how to make an interface that anyone can use.

You can file a comment on the bugzilla report. I don't have the number handy at the moment.


Eric Seaberg
2007-05-03, 20:33
I've got over 13000 songs ripped as Apple Lossless (on a Mac) and haven't had any problems. My server is a Mac MINI Intel with all tunes on an external 500GB drive. I originally had wireless issues with the SB3 (Transporter is wired and works great) but just recently replaced my router. It's all awesome now.

I don't think the 'end of song' thing is related to ALAC files... unless it IS with WIndows.

Julian Thompson
2007-05-06, 04:46
Interersting this, I was working a problem that started with Socketwrapper failing on the PC...

...and then I noticed that WHEN socketwrapper fails THAT seems to be accompanied by the track concerned stopping short!

So - I wonder if the Sockerwrapper file is the issue here because mine is doing exactly the same?

2007-05-06, 06:15
Still haven't solved the problem, but I can add the following observations:
1. The problem is unrelated to wireless transmissions as I have the same problem when both the laptop and SB3 are hardwired to the network.

2. When connected wirelessly I can confirm that excess network utilization is not the problem. Using Windows Task Manager I monitored the wireless network connection while SB3 was playing. Prior to playing a song, network utilization was 0%. When SB3 was directed to play a song, network utilization bumped up to 25% for ten seconds or so, then dropped to 2%. There was a spike of activity for a second or two (up to 15%) repeatedly at approximately 10 second intervals. This would continue during the song (short spikes to 15%, baseline at 2%). Then approximately 30 to 40 seconds from the end of the song, network utilization would drop to zero. The song would continue playing until it stopped abruptly 15 to 20 seconds from when it should end. Next song starts immediately, and the cycle continues.

2007-05-06, 06:57
This is work in progress and I think it solves some of the truncated songs problems on Windows by replacing socketwrapper.

To install download and unzip in a temporary area. Back up exisitn socketwrapper.exe program and then replace by this version.


1. Does this improve the truncated song problem.
2. If you still have truncation - what types of files are being played and how much trunctation ?

2007-05-06, 08:43
Followed your instructions and the truncation is gone. At least on all of the 4 or 5 songs that I tested. For the record, my music library is ripped with iTunes to Apple lossless format. Also for the record, SS 6.5.2 is now installed on my Dell laptop.

When the problem was present the last 15 to 25 seconds of every song was truncated.

2007-05-06, 09:56
That's good.

However the above version of socketwrapper has a problem when used with internet streams such with AlienBBC - socketwrapper process doesn't die - as I said work in progress.

2007-05-06, 10:25
Thanks for the help, and alerting me to the work in progress.

2007-05-07, 10:47
As mentioned, please vote for the bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4544). It has largely been ignored eventhough months has passed, and it is annoying. It mainly happens if you're doing any transcoding. Which in your case is happening because your source files are AAC.

2007-05-07, 11:16
Please test the above socketwrapper replacement. The stream issue has now been fixed.

QA are going to test this version but they can only do representative tests. Testing at this stage by ordinary users will help find remaining problems before putting into release.

2007-05-07, 20:07
Downloaded the latest nightly b11921, replaced socketwrapper.exe with the one listed earlier in this thread. It looks like this transcoding truncation problem is indeed fixed! Don't know about the termination problems with radio streams since I don't use that feature...