View Full Version : Installed IE7 - now SS not running on Firefox

2007-05-03, 17:15
So, I installed IE7, not to run SlimServer, but for another purpose. I was running SS on Firefox. Now, it seems that IE7 has "taken over" as the default interface for SlimServer, and I can't get it to run in Firefox anymore. Has anyone had this problem and/or know how to fix it?

2007-05-04, 05:01
It sounds like IE7 has been set as your default browser.

Open FF and go to Tools > Options > Main (tab)

At the bottom of the Main tab is a button marked 'Check Now', this will then ask if you want FF to be the default browser (if its not already).


2007-05-04, 05:23
Thanks! That's what I needed.