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2004-01-03, 11:03
I've had this problem since I moved from a G4 (OS 10.2.7) to a G5 (OS
10.3.2). AAC files either wouldn't play at all or they would start and drop..
SqueezeBox is being used wireless. Signal strength is about 80% at that
location according to my iBook. Re-ripped all my files to mp3 (kept the AAC
versions as well for eventual use) and all is fine.

Peter Lindman

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AAC dropout issues on OSX server with Squeezebox

I recently started encountering dropouts on every AAC file that I listen to
via my squeezebox. It happens a few seconds into the song, and then after
about 5-10 seconds it picks up again. The squeezebox quits sending a signal
to my pre-amp during the outage. I was looking at the activity monitor and
cpu usage seems to be pegging during the AAC playback.
This is not happening on mp3s or on streaming radio formats.
Most of my music is encoded into AACıs so this basically has rendered my
Squeezebox unusable.

Details on my setupŠ
OSX: 10.3
500mhz g3, 512mb ram
Slimserver software: 5.0.1
Itunes Lame encoder: 2.0.5
Please help, thanks.