View Full Version : 2nd Squeezebox with AudioEngine Speakers

2007-04-30, 12:23
A year ago I ordered my first Squeezebox. I have been nothing but pleased (well ok a few of those upgrades I might have "cussed" a little)

Today my second Squeezebox arrived. I ordered a white version. I paired the Squeezebox with a set of AudioEngine Powered Speakers.

First, the AudioEngine speakers are phenomenal. Well built. Someone "cared" about the end user experience when these were developed and built. Great sound. Good range.

Second, the second Squeezebox took about 10 minutes to install and setup. My first one is wired. I am using this one wireless. The setup was flawless. The only hangup was on the Wep2 key. Of course the hangup was........I need to learn to type :)Once I put in the right key it worked.

For less than 600.00 I have a great sounding setup. I couldn't be more pleased.

For the record I am using a Dlink DIR635 router, with a dlink switch. I live in the country and the only internet service available is dial-up up or wireless. I use wireless 128K up and 1 mgbit down. Seems to handle all the internet features pretty good.

I crab from time to time when things don't work...so I want to say good job Slim Devices when it goes right. Five stars from me, slim devices.


PS. Those who told me that the multiple squeezeboxes would just simply "work" were right. Thanks for the help in getting me past me hesitancy about adding another squeezebox.

2007-04-30, 12:40
That's my setup, too, except I have two Squeezeboxes and two sets of Audio Engine speakers. I, too, had the typo issue with the key, but setup and wirless connectivity was a breeze after getting the key correct. (The typo in the key proved to me that my security was at least modestly helpful at keeping those off my network that I didn't want on it.)

You need to have a geek in the house to manage the SlimServer software and any plugins, but the remote and Squeezebox are easy for anyone in the house to use.

2007-04-30, 14:03
I am in no way an audiophile of the caliber of lots of folks on this forum, but the audioengines sound really, really good. Plus, with use, I really feel they have "opened up" and sounded better and better with use. ( to my ears)

Trying to justify a second set for the den.... ( to the wife, not to me!!)

I now have 4 squeezebox IIIs and one SB I. And I listen at work over the internet. And even with that, with them all going at once, it all works just fine!

2007-04-30, 19:51
I have a new, white SB3 and a new set of white AE's that I plan to use as a semi-portable system for the deck. It's my third SB and second set of AE's. Got a set of "B" stock AE's for $200. Only flaw is the USB power port does not work. Can't wait to see how they sound outside.