View Full Version : Audio drop-outs / net flood

Steven Hubbell
2004-01-02, 23:14

My slimp3 will play for hours without a glitch. Randomly, about once every 3
hours of play, the audio drops out, seems to try to recover about 1 second
later in the song, drops out, etc. After about 3-5 tries it seems to
recover and keep playing just fine.

During the most recent failure I happened to notice a flood of collisions on
the slimp3 ethernet port.. once it recovered it returned to normal (no


Windows Server 2003 running on a 2.4Ghz P4 (HT enabled) with 1GB RAM and
gigabit Ethernet into a switch. The machine is very lightly loaded and
should not be a problem.

The slimp3 is plugged into a dedicated port on the same gigabit switch so
there shouldn't be any bottlenecks to feed a couple hundred kbits!

Running version 5.0.1.

Is it possible that there is an error condition in either the server or
client that gets stuck in a loop and floods the network until it magically

Sorry I don't have a tcpdump or more info to provide!