View Full Version : Softsqueezing on a train :)

2007-04-26, 12:24
Some of the newer trains in England have wi-fi in the carriages, with a satellite link to the Internet.

Taking a break from work, I tried Softsqueeze, connecting to the slimserver in my house.

It worked! But only after setting the streaming rate to limit of 64kbps, so it's not an audiophile configuration.

2007-04-26, 13:28
The EVDO mobile broadband networks here in the U.S. should be able to handle streaming FLAC* (~300 up and 800 down!). However, supposedly Verizon started booting people who use Slingbox (to stream video over the net), drawing the line at 10 Gigabytes/mo. Apparently they think only someone sharing files P2P would need so much bandwidth. I guess they're right.

Sprint has no such restrictions that I've seen, with unlimited service starting around $60/mo, and i'm not an affiliate :-)

Has anyone here tried EVDO for serving FLAC? I almost think you'd need two accounts. One wireless card plugged into the home router to upload at that speed . The other in the laptop/tablet to get the signal. Or, is the DL speed in normal hotspots fast enough if you can just serve it from home at 300-500kbps? I've also read that latency can be bad with EVDO and wondered what effect that might have.

* http://evdomaps.com/