View Full Version : Loading custom m3u files

2007-04-26, 04:57
Is there an official way to load custom m3u files in SlimServer? In my setup, I have my mp3s stored in:

/mp3/artist/album/artist - # - track.mp3

My playlists are in:

/mp3/playlist/albums/Prince - 3121.m3u
/mp3/playlist/alphabet/p/pr/pri/Prince - 3121.m3u

This is to accommodate my Neo35 car mp3 player. I have written various scripts to manipulate and generate m3u files and would like to keep using them.

Is there an easy way to load m3u files into the SlimServer database as albums? I've written an CLI script to load an m3u file into the current playlist, but it seems like an hassle since the SlimServer already supports m3u files and directory browsing.

What I tried to do is add m3u files to the "playlistdir" directory as defined in slimserver.pref. This does not work. Even editing saved playlists already in the "playlistdir" doesn't work. It looks like the m3u files save in the "playlistdir" are not used at all (but are retrieved from the database). So what is the use of the "playlistdir" anyway?

I'm running SlimServer 6.5.1 on Debian.