View Full Version : Just got a new SB3 ...

2007-04-24, 10:49
Got the white sale version along with the Live365 discount. To answer a few questions that have been posed here:

1. The unit has the Slim Devices name on the faceplate, just like my older SB3.
2. The remote is the new shape and says Logitech. It looks like a big, white candy bar, like a Zero bar. Nowhere does it say Slim Devices.
3. There is no "MP3 is not a crime" sticker.
4. The new owner's guide has a black SB3 on the cover.
5. White is not as bad as I thought. This is unit is intended to drive a pair of white Audioengine 5's in a semi-portable setup. I may velcro it to the top of one of the speakers and also attach handles to the tops of the speakers to aid in moving them about.