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2007-04-24, 00:23
I'm curious as to how many people run SlimServer on Windows, and how many use Linux.

I get the impression that there are lots of Linux users, although maybe that's just because it is a little (but - I have discovered - not a lot) trickier to use Linux, and so Linux users tend to post about their endeavours on here more that Windows users do...

It will be interesting to see the results.

(Very sorry - just realised I forgot to include Mac users in the poll!)

2007-04-24, 00:40
I run SS on an old NAS box I obtained second hand for a song (Dell Powervault). After much struggling I installed Debian on it, although that was about my lack on linux skills as opposed to the NAS itself!

Very reliable, very fast and very cheap!! And sounds great with my two SB3s!

2007-04-24, 01:15
I run Slimserver on an old Pentium III 800 with 512 Mb memory. It's my fileserver, mailserver, webserver, nameserver, dhcpserver, databaseserver and now also my slimserver.

2007-04-24, 01:30
My SlimServer box is a KuroBox. 266MHz PPC processor, 128Mb RAM, running Gentoo Linux.

Very happy with it... and it's surprisingly responsive too, even the web interface, with a library of approximately 2500 tracks. Besides SlimServer, it only does NFS, SSH, NTP and (occasionally) BitTorrent.

2007-04-24, 01:51
Mine runs on a dedicated Linux (Fedora FC5) Mini-ITX system. It is is a Via Epia 1Ghz system with 512MB RAM. Uses very little power (I haven't measured it, but it uses a 60W power supply), so I'm happy to leave it on permanently.

My only annoyance is the tiny CPU fan is getting quite noisy. I'm interested to know if anyone has managed to replace it with a northbridge/southbridge heatsink.....?

2007-04-24, 03:30
Starting out with Windows, I then moved to a FSG-3 to get a 24/7 solution. But I have now switch again to a dedicated media server running Ubuntu, mainly for getting MusicIP support.

My main worry is that this machine uses 80W so I'm looking for a solution to put it to sleep when it's not needed, perhaps getting a router with wake-up functionality...

2007-04-24, 04:34
> A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the

Will be interesting to see if the results are the same as a few weeks ago

> My only annoyance is the tiny CPU fan is getting quite noisy. I'm
> interested to know if anyone has managed to replace it with a
> northbridge/southbridge heatsink.....?

I've replaced mine on a Via C3/1GHz (imho _not_ an earlier than then the
Epia board) with a Verax A1 (which I can't find any more). It's very quiet
as it uses a larger fan than the CPU's size.



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2007-04-24, 05:43
I run slimserver on a Buffalo LinkStation NAS running debian linux. Originally ran slimserver on an old Dell PIII running Ubuntu.

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-24, 07:48
I was running SS on Windows XP without issue. 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 C with 512 MB of RAM.

Then the motherboard died. Ever since I've been on a secondary PC running Ubuntu Linux 7.04: "CPU on board" ECS K7SOM+ with AMD Duron 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM.

Installing SS on the Ubuntu box was easy if you followed the Debian instructions in the wiki, and it's been quite trouble-free.

Rescans are amazingly fast on the much slower machine: 5 or 6 minutes for nearly 5000 tracks. The only user responsiveness difference is that page refreshes are a bit slower. Not unusable, just slower.

I will shortly be kicking performance up a notch: an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is on its way to me right now. I'll keep the secondary PC running as a SlimServer until I can get the new hardware up.

2007-04-24, 09:09
Currently running slimserver 6.5.2 on a headless mini-itx box (very quiet and low power consumption).

Jetway VIA 1.5 board, 1 gig RAM, 40gig 2.5" HD with O/S (Clarkconnect 4.1), 300gig 3.5" HD Shared with Samba switches off after 10 mins.

MPlayer to transcode AACPlus streams.



The trickiest part for me was cobbling together an init script to start and stop MusicMagicMixer in the correct order (bash scripts are a bit of a mystery to me).

Been running now for 50 days 20 hours :).


2007-04-24, 13:41
I'm running Windows Xp (slimmed with XP Lite) on a HP e-PC Pentium III 1000, 256M ram and 320Gb HD, no problems at all.
I'm now thinking to use Linux..., so just to experiment.

2007-04-24, 16:00
I run slimserver on a CentOS based Linux Server from SME. In fact, the little box (P4 1.6Ghz IBM Netvista freebie from work) runs EVERYTHING I need in Server and Gateway mode. Neatly tucked away under a desk in the study. And when I say everything, I mean it........(computer related of course!)



el payo
2007-04-24, 17:03
I use a Mac G4 Cube (with some upgrades). Eventually I'll replace it with a Mac Mini to use as a media center/slimserver box.

2007-04-24, 20:29
I use a 24/7 Linux based server which also acts as web server and files server, SlimServer works perfectly in this setup. The SqueezeBox is connected over a wireless 54Mbit network and the server is a AMD XP2500+ with 1GB ram.

As a side note, I have a feeling Linux gets higher numbers in these polls than the case is in reality. If you look at general statistics Linux should only have a few percent of the market, 3-4% of the desktop market and a bit more of the server market. So it would be really strange if had more than 50% of the SlimServer market.

2007-04-25, 01:08
I originally ran SS 6.3 on QNAP TS101 but when 6.5 came out I decided to build a dedicated server box to run a number of central applications on a server.

I now have a VIA EN 1.5GHz with 1GB RAM and 80GB SATA HDD. This runs Windows 2003 R2 Server (Technet licensed) and acts as my DNS, WINS, Domain, File & Print, Home-automation, WEb-server and Slimserver. Runs without a problem as a headless server in the garage making very little noise and consuming 27W(measured it with a plug-in adapter). The QNAP is still used as a true NAS device just holding everyone's files

Very happy all in all.